IFSTTAR is a French Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishment (EPST) resulting from the merger of two national research and development centers on international status, formerly known as LCPC and INRETS. With an overall budget of 105M€ in 2013, IFSTTAR counts over 1177 employees.

Its research interests include environmental, durability, health and security issues in transport infrastructures and means of transportation. Recognized as a new reference organization in the international arena, IFSTTAR conducts applied research and expert appraisals in the fields of transport, infrastructure, natural hazards and urban issues, with the aim of improving the living conditions of citizens and, more broadly, promoting the sustainable development of our societies.

An institute strongly bridging fundamental and applicative research, IFSTTAR aims at bringing about micro- and nanotechnology-related innovations for urban sustainability applications. Thus, IFSTTAR is directly involved in various research actions on micro and nanosensors development (design, fabrication and benchmarking with focus on reproducibility and reliability), as main actor or in partnership with various research institutes such as CEA-LETI (collaboration agreement since 2006), ESIEE (joint research team to be created) and LPICM-Ecole Polytechnique (collaboration agreement since 2011).


Through its participation to PROTEUS, IFSTTAR will gain visibility in the field of water monitoring, through the demonstration of a set of skills contributing at key stages in the chain of values, as well as visible progress in our fields (nanosensors, reliability…)and a TRL increase. IFSTTAR also expects a comprehensive grasp of the chain of values for sensors development, specifically heterointegration and CMOS based signal conditioning.