WINGS ICT Solutions is a company that has as a main specialization area the development of intelligent systems (e.g., for managing wireless access networks, cloud and IoT infrastructures, devices, etc.). Based on its expertise WINGS has established point to point collaborations (Intel and IBM are two major ones), and has contributed to the launching of new companies (namely, Incelligent). Moreover, WINGS continues to invest in the quest of new products through the realization of research activities; in this context there is the involvement in Proteus.


WINGS expectations from the Proteus project is to enhance its expertise by starting to apply its competences in domains involving elements of much smaller scale (e.g., micro/nano). The outcome will be an expanded portfolio of competences and enhanced opportunities for products.

Specifically, WINGS will contribute advanced functions and powerful APIs to the Proteus system. Indicatively, these functions will provide the means for the predictive/cognitive management of water resources, while the APIs will provide the means for intelligence reconfiguration (hence, chip programmability and communication). The functions that will be specified, developed, validated by WINGS will form the cognitive engine that will be integrated on the prototype chips, which will be delivered by Proteus. This porting of intelligence at the chip level will offer valuable insight to WINGS and to its Proteus partners.