SMAS Almada are the use case project and is a partner with a large experience and knowledge in the applicability and requirements of the devices such as physical , chemical , electric and communication characteristics that they must have to operate in the drinking water distribution system and drainage rain and residual.

Almada Municipal Services Water and Sanitation ensure the municipal management of the entire urban water cycle – groundwater capture, adduction, treatment , reservation and distribution of drinking water; rainwater drainage and collection and treatment of wastewater.

With 65 years of activity and 104 thousand customers, ensure 100 % water supply with high levels of quality and 100% sanitation waste water management in the municipality of Almada , a territory of 71km2 and 174000 inhabitants, situated between the riverfront Tagus and the Atlantic coast beaches.


Resulting from the risk management of the water safety plan and the water and energy loss reduction plan, SMAS had identified the need to install a large number of measuring and control devices of chemical and physical parameters of water, whose low cost and high autonomy are very important. Also in the wastewater there are some cases to characterize, as intrusion of rainwater in the wastewater collection pipes, which changes the characteristics of the wastewater are very important to the wastewater treatment plants. This project is expected to be able to get this kind of sensors.