Barcelona, Spain

MMS2017-logoPROTEUS members participated in the 23rd edition of the Micromachine Summit highlighting the Micro-Nano Technology progresses in Barcelona from may 15th to 17th, 2017 with a special theme this year on Micro and Nano systems for Smart Cities applications.

This international conference aims at :

  • Educate and deliver information to the attendees on the current state of the major divisions and integration of micro- and nanotechnology
  • Introduce the attendees to a network of businesses, universities, government agencies, and service providers focused on this technology
  • Provide a forum for world-wide networking with leaders in MicroNano Technologies (MNT)
  • Provide opportunities to showcase regional MNT efforts and facilities


In that context, representatives from IFSTTAR and ESSIE presented relevant project outputs in the relevant sessions:

  • “Nanosensors for sustainable cities: from fundamentals to deployments” by Bérengère Lebental in session on Smart systems for smart cities
  • “Co-integration of MEMS, microfluidics and nanomaterials for water networks monitoring” by Tarik Bourouina in the session on Smart Systems and Technologies for other applications.

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