Porto, Portugal

IMG_1264On the fringes of the organization of its second project workshop, PROTEUS participated from September 24 to 28th 2017 in the Porto Water Innovation Week with a strong partner’s delegation with IFSTTAR, WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS and EASY GLOBAL MARKET, mobilized to interact with 80 key-note speakers, 120 exhibitors, 1200 participants from 60 countries. Industry, Build on  the theme “Innovation in the water sector : Plugging the gaps, creating opportunities”, the programme gathered in an unique location all communities (Scientists, Research projects, Water utilities, Public representatives…), the consortium could not definitively miss the largest water event ever held in Portugal.

Partners attended the Ict4water cluster’ aside meeting, the annual EIP Water Conference and the mayors and water conference involving the whole value chain of the water industry. Moreover, a continuous presence has been set during the week with a PROTEUS exhibition booth shared with Ict4water members and Ctrl+Swan EIP action group.

PROTEUS Porto Booth

The space hosted a sister company, Senz2, presenting radar enabled water level sensor offering complimentary solutions for PROTEUS. Combining quantitative and qualitative approaches presented to visitors relevant concrete examples of a smart water deployment.

PROTEUS Porto Table demoTo build interaction, partners presented a mini water loop presenting the PROTEUS sensor in real situation. This demonstration of advanced water monitoring solutions presented the sensor in action, with a visualization screen to show the data collection using LoRa communication. The table demo presented some concrete scenarii of water networks with a set of liquid tanks to adjust Chlorine level or simulate a pH variation. The system also included a pump and an heating system to adjust temperature level in an homogeneous manner. This set up generated interests among the conference participants, showing a concrete example of the PROTEUS technology. A second pnode was dedicated to present the sensor features and the reduced size of the sensing element combining MEMS and carbon nanotubes techniques.


Partners created strong links with other projects and market players during this week with connections with actors in the biology field, waste water providers, research engineers and marine environment research centres. This networking activities have been emulated by the project participation in Porto Water Match session with a set of business appointments interested in the PROTEUS solution.

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