Marseille, France

Smart port afficheAs part of the exploitation roadmap definition, PROTEUS participated in a unique event dedicated to IoT and big data technologies for efficient and safe new era of connected cities and harbours. Held on November 21th in Marseille, where the Smart Port project is emerging with the strong ambition to take advantage of the numeric transition to affirm and consolidate the port attractiveness, this event enables the PROTEUS project to identify opportunities in the field.

Smart port meeting proteus

Although the project address the key challenges in drink water quality monitoring, the developed technology bricks have shown potentialities for other fields of application and sea water quality monitoring may be one of them. Easy Global Market participated in, presenting the IoT perspectives applied to smart port use case during the pitch session on “Start-ups/SMEs, use cases presentation”. Best practices sharing was a key word in this event where PROTEUS witnesses on drink water experience while conducting technology and needs watch and establishing links the Smart Port and Smart City local communities and related players.

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