Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Micro-nano-conference-amsterdam-logoPROTEUS participated in the 2017’ edition of the international MicroNanoConference, reference place gathering industry, science and user community of microsystems and nanotechnology. Welcoming more than 500 participants from academia, research and industry in Amsterdam on 12 &13 December, the event acts as a technology watch in the field, focusing on business development and value creation for growth in SMEs.

In parallel, the conference hosted this year the Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems (MNBS) where Nicolas MASSONNET presented the PROTEUS approach in carbon nanotubes sensing technology for water quality monitoring.

MNBS logoMore than a technology presentation event, this workshop organised by the MNBS, the research and innovation cluster in the domain, was the opportunity to exchange with analog projects on the translation of these disruptive technologies into competitive, validated and manufacturable products to impact citizen‘s life & industry, meet potential industry stakeholders and be active in the definition of research priorities in the field.

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