Zucchi, G.; Lebental, B. ;  Jackson, D.; Dupont, C., Flash study, October-17


In 2014, the world fish supply reached 16.2 million tonnes, which represent 20kg of fish per person (FAO, 2016). It reached a new record, mostly due to the tremendous growth of aquaculture, which provides now almost half of the fish stock (73.8 million tonnes in 2014), while capture production is saturating since 1990. Experts all agree that aquaculture will contribute significantly in the future to food security and adequate nutrition for a global population expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. PROTEUS carbon nanotube sensor is bringing a new perspective in the aquaculture challenge of water monitoring. To ensure that the world production is safe and sufficient enough, water quality is fundamental. Most of fish production come from small farms with low investments capacities for complex water monitoring systems…Learn more