Zucchi, G.; Lebental, B. ;  Dupont, C., Flash study, May-17

2017 04 Flash Study The need for water monitoring in oceansIn 2017, climate change and global warming are a widely-acknowledged reality, from which the ocean equilibrium suffers. Even though ocean ecosystems have been extensively studied for decades, we still do not have enough data to fully understand how they are impacted by human activities. The scarcity of data is mainly due to the fact that monitoring systems – buoys, multisensors platforms, gliders…- suitable for use in oceans are very expensive to deploy and maintain. Lately, the development of lower cost sensing platforms with lower energy-consumption is opening up a wide range of new opportunities for sea water monitoring. Smaller ecosystems can be investigated, denser network of sensors can be deployed, and more parameters can be monitored. The H2020 European project PROTEUS is developing a cutting-edge water monitoring sensor based on carbon nanotube technology. We believe that this kind of highly sensitive, low cost and low energy sensor will accelerate even more the development of a global sea water monitoring network… Learn more