2017 04 AIP Applied Physics Letters Volume 110Askari Farsangi, M. A.; Cottone, F.; Sayyaadi, H.; Zakerzadeh, M. R.; Orfei, F.; Gammaitoni, L. , Applied Physics Letters,  Volume 110, Issue 10, march-17, AIP Publishing

This letter presents the idea of scavenging energy from vibrating structures through magnetic shape memory alloy (MSMA). To this end, a MSMA specimen made of Ni50Mn28Ga22 is coupled to a cantilever beam through a step. Two permanent magnets installed at the top and bottom of the beam create a bias field perpendicular to the magnetization axis of the specimen. When vibrating the device, a longitudinal axial load applies on the MSMA, which in turn changes the magnetization, due to the martensitic variant reorientation mechanism. A pick-up coil wounded around the MSMA converts this variation into voltage according to the Faraday’s law. Experimental test confirms the possibility of generating voltage in a vibrating … Learn more