2017 03 International Journal of Hydrogen EnergyCottone, F. ; Mattarelli, M.; Kurta, E.; Uzunc, Y.; Orfeib, F.; Özhand D., International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, march-17, Elsevier

The features of the new designed and constructed harvester are examined. The harvested power of three piezoelectric layers having different masses (i.e. different natural frequencies) has been explored. These layers have the same length around the harvester body, whereas a permanent magnet (PM) attached to the shaft rotates by low speed wind and this PM repels these three piezoelectric layers with a 120° phase shift. Since PM and the PMs located to the tip of the layers do not contact, this system improves the lifetime of the harvester. The measured harvested power in the low wind speeds (i.e. 1.75 m/s) is of the order of 0.2 μW… Learn more