2016 03 International Journal of Circuit Theory and ApplicationsMadeira, R.; Paulino, N. , International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, mar-16,  Wiley, FCT-UNL

An energy-harvesting system requires an energy-storing device to store the energy retrieved from the surrounding environment. Rechargeable batteries are commonly used to store this energy; however, because of the limited number of charge/discharge cycles, they need to be periodically replaced. A supercapacitor, which has, ideally, a limitless number of charge/discharge cycles, avoids this problem. In this case, it is required for the power management unit to produce a constant output voltage as the supercapacitor discharges. This paper presents a system with a multiratio switched capacitor DC–DC converter, in a 130-nm technology, with a maximum output power of 2 mW, a maximum efficiency of 79.63% and a maximum output ripple, in the steady state, of 23 mV for an input voltage range of 2.3–0.87 V. The proposed converter has four… Learn more