2015 10 Wireless nano sensors for embedded durability monitoring in concreteMichelis F., PhD dissertation, oct-15, Ecole Polytechnique

Making the construction industry more sustainable requires the extension of the life of structures, achievable through the anticipation of structural deficiencies. Structural deficiencies often originate at the core of concrete structures from micro scale defects, whose detection is the key to predict structural ageing. The in-situ, real-time detection of such defects remains a major scientific and technological challenge and no cost effective technique is currently available.

In this thesis, we present the design, fabrication and validation of the first wireless nano sensor node for embedded monitoring of concrete structures. The device is composed of 3 main parts: a sensing element, a conditioning circuit and an antenna. The first is a highly reproducible, hysteresis-free, flexible sensor fabricated by inkjet printing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on polymer. We achieved the batch production of more than … Learn more