Paris, France

MtoM trade fair 3

PROTEUS participated on March 22 to 23th in the MtoM and connected objects tradefair, presenting in Paris the latest technologies in Design, Conception, Production, MtoM and Communicating objects. Part of this connected world, representatives from Easy Global Market, Franck Le Gall and Olivier Tosello, animated a booth with leaflets and project rollup. With around 9000 visitors, this edition was a great success, gaining this year the first position among all exhibition places in Europe dedicated to the IoT field.

MtoM trade fair

MtoM trade fair 2The feedback from the booth is also excellent. The PROTEUS solution succeed in attracting curiosity of visitors and is perceived as a welcomed innovation for IoT stakeholders. Sensors allready exist but there’s no alternative solution at the same prize range. The space generated good emulation among visitors with a continous flow of interested actors, Platforms suppliers, networks, Big data players and other systems integrators … The remaining question was : When and where we can find it ? Promising…

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