Lisbon, Portugal

banner CAS4IoTFrom November 28 to 30th, 2016, UNINOVA hosted an IEEE course on the subject of circuits and systems for the IoT. Under the aegis of one of the largest electrical and electronics professional association, this event welcomed 78 attendees, high skilled students from 9 countries and 11 key-note speakers.

PROTEUS has been presented in the joint academy-industry program with the participation of two project partners: Bérengère Lebental, IFSTTAR, animated a module about “Nanosensors, from fundamentals to IoT deployments” depicting the current status of nanotechnologies, presenting some PROTEUS fallouts in terms of fabrication, integration and reproducibility and reliability research. João P. Oliveira, UNINOVA, was involved in the event organization but also in the animation of an hans-on module, complementing lectures with pratical sessions in lab. Students worked on a demo, mainly inspired by PROTEUS, consisting on the design and implementation of a multi-sensor system using a programmable and commercial SoC platform able to monitor a battery state, reusing data to set power management with algorithms. A good example of knowledge sharing.

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