Barcelona, Spain

img_0627On behalf of the Ict4Water cluster, PROTEUS participated from November 15th to 17th to a series of events hosted in Barcelona. The city welcomed 12.000 international visitors, 450 speakers and 600 exhibitors on three main events, directly linked to the project scope :

·         European Utility Week gathering innovation in Gas, Energy, Water and related technologies

·         iWater, international integrated water cycle show

·         Smart city expo world congress, sustainable projects and urban solutions

img_0625Representatives from IFSTTAR and EASY GLOBAL MARKET brought an active presence with a booth animation, leaflets and interviews with industrials to identify special needs and paths of exploitation.

This participation was also enhanced by presentation of the project outcomes during the dedicated hub session on Smart Water organized by the Ict4water cluster on November 17th.

As a combined initiative with various FP7/H2020 projects, this session aimed at presenting projects on how smart metering reduces both cost and the


losses of the distribution network, the use the data to help water efficiency, reduce waste and manage better the demand. In the meantime, a focus on the respective impacts has been depicted and especially how smart water metering and fast data forming the basis for a smart network creates opportunities for the development of other smart applications on water quality and pressure sensing.

Nicolas GIUNTA, EGM,  presented “Smart water and energyimg_0640 sensors and related technologies” highlighting existing and futures solutions developed in both sectors. Pierre Perrin, as representative of the project coordinator, participated in the panel session, wrapping up exchanges and stakes for Smart Water.

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