Lodz, Poland

MIXDES Uninova Proteus presentation

Held in Lodz, the 23th of the MIXDES conference (Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems) act as key European forum presenting recent progresses micro- and nano-technologies components and related items. From June 23 to 25th, this event offered a broad overview by dealing with all innovation processes such as design, modeling, simulation, testing and manufacturing.

Pedro Joao Oliveira (UNINOVA), participated in, as invited keynote speaker, presented on overview of the research developed within the PROTEUS project. The presentation, animated during the plenary session focused on the advanced sensing platform for water monitoring entitled “Advanced Amplification Techniques for Nanoscale CMOS in the Context of IoT Node Sensors”. An associated and homonymous paper will be soon published in IEEE database, awarded as a “Outstanding Paper Award” from the MIXDES conference International Programmed Committee.