Brussels, Belgium

Water Innovation Europe logoWings Ict Solutions get a WssTP Water Innovation SMEs Award for the work done in the context of PROTEUS project on the software part. For this third edition, held the first day of Water Innovation Europe 2016, the judging panel rewarded the advanced features of the solution offering:

  • the required adaptability that enables a single device to monitor several, highly differentiated, water parameters (e.g., flow-rate, temperature, nitrates, chlorine)
  • predictive capabilities for quickly and reliably identifying problems


WSSTP SME award Wings Ict

This prize identifying the best practices in their field of application with high market potential announces promising results from PROTEUS outcomes. This event also gave key opportunities to network with key european stake-holders over three days, gathered around the theme of ‘Water-Smart! European Solutions for a Smart Water Society’ in Brussels.