Monthly Archives: May 2017

A 50 Hz SC Notch Filter for IoT Applications 

Serra, H.; Paulino N.; Oliveira, J. P., IEEE International Symposium on Circuits & Systems, ISCAS 2017, may-17
This paper presents a SC 50 Hz notch filter for an analog to digital acquisition channel in an IoT water management sensor node. The notch filter is used to attenuate the unwanted 50 Hz interference, allowing to reduce the […]

PROTEUS paper presentation in IEEE International symposium on circuits and systems 2017

Baltimore, USA
From may 28 to 31th 2017, UNINOVA representing PROTEUS participated in the ISCAS 2017 conference, the IEEE international symposium on circuits and systems. […]

PROTEUS at the Central European Energy Forum

Krakow, Poland
PROTEUS participated in the 1st Central and Eastern European Science and Technology Conference – Energy CEE Day, that took place on May 13-14, 2017 in Krakow, Poland. This edition focused on Sustainable Energy industry in Małopolska, in particular in the field of photovoltaics, geothermal energy and energy efficiency improvement. […]

Successful PROTEUS presentations during the World Smart Systems & Micromachine Summit 2017

Barcelona, Spain
PROTEUS members participated in the 23rd edition of the Micromachine Summit highlighting the Micro-Nano Technology progresses in Barcelona from may 15th to 17th, 2017 with a special theme this year on Micro and Nano systems for Smart Cities applications. […]

Flash study release – Water Monitoring in marine environment

PROTEUS just released on May 2017 a flash study investigating the potential exploitation of project technologies in a sea water environnement. With contributions from Ecole polytechnique, IFSTTAR and Easy Global Market, this paper presents the latest trends and technological stakes on this topic. […]

Best paper award for PROTEUS in the DOCEIS 2017 edition

Caparica, Portugal
UNINOVA represented the PROTEUS project at the 8th Advanced Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems (DoCEIS 2017) held in Caparica from May 3rd to 5th, 2017. Aiming at giving an overview of research development and application of Smart Systems, this conference presents the latest evolution in Smart Sensors, Actuators, and Embedded Intelligence […]

Flash study – The need for water monitoring in oceans

Zucchi, G.; Lebental, B. ;  Dupont, C., Flash study, May-17 […]